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CMMI Certification and Consulting – Chennai

What is CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Certification and Consulting Chennai

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), is a process model that provides a clear definition of what an organization should do to promote behaviors that lead to improved performance. With five ‘Maturity Levels’ or three ‘Capability Levels’ the CMMI defines the most important elements that are required to build great products, or deliver great services, and wraps them all up in a comprehensive model.

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process and behavioral model that helps organizations streamline process improvement and encourage productive, efficient behaviors that decrease risks in software, product, and service development.

In order for the software development industry to become more competitive on a global scale, it will need to fall into line with international standards, so that companies seeking international contracts will be able to meet the CMMI level specified by international companies. CMMI Certification in Chennai follows five maturity levels as described below:

Maturity level 1: Initial

Maturity level 2: Managed

Maturity level 3: Defined

Maturity level 4: Quantitatively managed

Maturity level 5: Optimizing

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STEPS to achieve CMMI Certification in Chennai

The CMMI certification in Chennai has three key steps:

Step 1:  Understanding – How do your organization’s processes compare to the CMMI?  Without understanding where you are starting, getting to your goal is just a random walk

Step 2:  Adapting – CMMI provides a unique approach to improving an organization.  It has two principal components:

  • Specific goals and practices:
  • Generic goals and practices

Step 3: Appraising  – Appraise the organization to achieve the certification.

Benefits of CMMI Certification in Chennai

CMMI certification in Chennai not only rates the maturity of companies’ process, it gives a level of assurance that the company being given the work will be able to complete the job in the time and price quoted for the project.  Following are the benefits of adopting CMMI certification in Chennai

  • CONSISTENCY – CMMI provides a proven approach that has enabled diverse organizations to drive out real benefits in terms of dramatically improved project predictability and consistency.
  • COST SAVING – CMMI driven process improvement also delivers real cost savings such as earlier and more effective error detection, and hence reduced cost of remediation, more effective management of change so you spend less on re-work, reductions in schedule variability and increased cost predictability.
  • SELF IMPROVEMENT – Companies will be able to use CMMI as a way of differentiating themselves and by achieving a level of CMMI will have naturally improved their processes which will make them more competitive.
  • MARKET DEMAND – Competing companies are utilizing CMMI for industry best practices and reaping the benefit of it.
  • PERFORMANCE DEMAND – CMMI is meant to help organizations improve on their “capability” to consistently and predictably deliver the products, services, and sourced goods their customers want, when they want them and at a price they’re willing to pay.
  • PROCESS IMPROVEMENT – A CMMI driven improvement project will deliver a framework to standardize your processes, ensuring that your business’s best practices are captured, shared and adopted so that you can move staff around your organization and leavers won’t take business critical information away with them.

How to avail CMMI Consulting and Certification Services in Chennai

CMMI Certification and Compliance is a highly accepted and desirable requirement in Chennai because of the state’s popular economic, political and cultural reputation. Though the decision to avail our services is yours, here is how to get CMMI Consulting and Certification in Chennai.  Drop an enquiry to us and we will assign a dedicated expert who will provide a free consultation on the process and give a cost proposal suiting your exact requirement and budget. We provide CMMI Certification and Consulting services in Chennai and in prominent regions like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Delhi, NCR, Kolkata, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Punjab, Chandigarh etc.


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